Imagine you could own the story of William Kamkwamba (The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind) of how he helped his community by building a windmill that could pump water for their crops…and hear it out of his own mouth.. You could even own an original photo of the first fruits after they have grown.


I’m not talking about ebook’s. I’m talking about the stories of everyday people who are inspirations to local communities. It is the actual life stories of people we look up to, or are supposed to look up to but have no idea who they are or that they even exist.


The Tenacity-NFT collection tells the stories of how everyday people have experienced tenacious circumstances and how they grapple, or even overcame some of the challenges they have faced. 


These stories are in a scarcity of their own, as each of them happened once to a specific individual, and is shared through the eyes of the beholder. The first round of these NFT’s are just a glimpse of a handful of stories, which can easily be expanded by any willing participant. Even you, by sharing your story. This will put power in the hands of every individual to source funding for their own projects, by sharing their life stories. 

There you have it. These are honest true life stories, from injured athletes, climbing Kilimanjaro, visiting refugee camps and more. If the first round proves to succeed, Id very much like to explore opportunities to use the concept in helping non-profits and orphanages crowdsource funding using this method, by sharing the stories of those they are looking after.

Telos as a blockchain has amazing potential for everyday business uses, and this humble attempt to create a marketplace for funding the entrepreneurs, heroes in waiting and anonymous legends through life will bring a completely new, but huge, crowd of individuals to the blockchain and crypto world, which will increase the nr of users and transactions taking place on the chain over the longer term.