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A Planet Woop,

A NFT project looking to be launched on the 🟣TELOS network, this is a collection of 627 NFT,

unique pieces, each with their own style and rarity that make them special.

They are aliens who call themselves WOOP.

The WOOP are very friendly with their human neighbours, so much so that they seek out new companions of that species to have a good time in WEB3 space.

Now that you know them, they want to make some noise and make the other species feel our presence.

That's why we want to build a united and unique community.

With the coining of NFT, we want to explain the fund management plan.

1) 50% will be dedicated to weekly activities, raffles, contests between holders, incentivizing an artistic value for each holder to express their most creative side to win something from Telos in return. (🎨=🪙)

2) 15% we want to make noise, remember...? we would dedicate this percentage to Marketing, to reach more living beings in this world and its environment.  (👀)

3) 15% we would dedicate to Merchandising (T-shirts, caps, bracelets, shoes, etc.) So that all members and non-members can show off how good it is to be part of this community. (😎)

4) 10% we would add it to a special contest for 1 WOOP's owner to have the opportunity to join the team to contribute their ideas and artwork for next season.

More to come. (🫂)

5) 10% have a website with UI (USER INTERFACE) experience, so that every NTF WOOP's holder has the best user experience. (🌚)

Let's make human noise, JOIN, BE A PART and LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!!!