Cultural Styles will never get outdated, even as a fashion statement. 

Tonia is a thirteen-year-old kid and just like any other kid, she is normally fond of drawings and creating things out of her sense of artistry. I am a 60-year old grandmother of Tonia and letting the whole world know that even a person of age as a Senior Cititzen, and a kid as young as my grand-daughter, we can still do NFT's and be knowledgeable in the blockchain technology. 

Our main goal that is to showcase the talent and artistry of Tonia as she creates wardrobe compatibilities as an everyday get-up. I will help her with the mix and matching of the colors that can be used as an everyday wearable. If this project will evolve, which is we are going to work really hard and make it sustained, we will expand our project by looking for other kids to join this movement. If we ever achieve a larger community even more, then we will consider more creators such as the ones who do crochet, knitting artist and fashion-designer wannabies.

This is a great way to spark mass-adoption to everyone to let certain people with a similar mindset of learning a little and trying out a little get onboarded being with Telos and start doing NFT's even though they won't know what they do is already an NFT.

My APPICSPH family won't let me down and we will try our best to let everyone know what NFT's (thru our SIMPLE CREATIVITY) is all about.