Flurties is an amazing NFT collection with great colors and features for every character.In the first stage we wanted the best design, but later we want to bring utility to our NFTs.

There are many NFT projects out there, but few succeed in this area. Why is that?
There is a lack of creativity, good design and later utility!

We believe we have created an amazing collection that anyone would love to have one of these characters.

There are 614 unique NFT characters and we divide them into different levels depending on the features and design. This means that there is a level of rarity!

1. Dragon (high rarity)

2. Bear (medium rarity)

3. Rabbit (low rarity)

Following the successful release of our collection, we would like to continue working on them by creating a game project with these NFTs or collaborating with another project by providing utilities. We care about the community, so NFT owners will benefit much later.

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