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Morning Nature in the Wild

Nature and we are alive. Reforestation and the rain will come. How to recover lost places? Water is a very big importance, not only our body is 60% made also the words' ecosystem needs water.

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I am a cinematographer from Prague Film School. 

It is very difficult to find the right field of photography and cameras these days because there are so many variants like portrait photography or if you think about drone videography different styles of commercials or creating storyboards or pictures with meaning to them. 

I want to use the Telos Hackathon for promoting my art. As the winner, I would use the price to build on the areaX NFTs to publish my photography or cool drone moments. The price of my NFTs (work) will be around $100TLOS.

I plan to be able to capture more of these amazing moments and pictures in some unknown places, lost to most of the people in the world. I love to wake up early and start the day with a hike before the sun rises, to capture the magic of the golden hours. My camera brings back the light from the darkness into my life as a traveler I had seen lots of wonders and circumstances, to bring a smile to the faces of the people brings me back the light. 

I would like many NFTs can be offered on a website, www.wildmonk.com to connect directly. For everyone with an interest to mint NFTs there will be a discretion video on how to mint through the Telos blockchain. 

My offers are going to be single collections, only one time available to the collector. So there will be unique pieces, like every moment in life is just one moment. 

I see myself in close future doing small art exhibitions to offer and invite people to see or buy some of my works. 

Here the pictures of the exhibition will be displayed as well as NFTs where people can as well get the NFTs after the purchase of the print.

After that is said, I want to take my time and the money to travel to these kinds of lost places to capture these magical golden hour moments. 

Nature is the reason why we are alive. 

I want you to start thinking about what you can do to protect these amazing places called earth. How to recover lost places to rebuild the forests? Water has a very big importance, not only the body is 60% made out of the water, but no, also the words' ecosystem needs water.

Why Morning Nature in the Wild?

Globally, an estimated 2 billion people are drinking contaminated water.

The per capital availability of water in India, for example 1,816 cubic meters, as per the 2001 census, which has declined to 1,545 cubic meters as per the 2011 Census.

Due to a lack of awareness of water and sanitation, most of the people are suffering from waterborne diseases like GE (gastro entries), Diarrhea, cholera, fluorosis, and many more. Water contaminated diseases, 90% of rural habitations in India do not treat the drinking water before consumption.


The Tree of forgiveness recalls the past

I am going to distribute 20 % of the price to help to bring awareness to tourists coming to this area. The money will be used for the maintenance of the house in India. It's a traditional forest home for rent. My friend Aji can show you around and introduce you to many amazing plants with wonderful medical properties. Many corporate worlds trying to destroy these plants because their business will be lost if this plants will come to be used by the public. He is working very closely with his local friends to protect these plants. As you can buy some and send them home if you are interested. 

Nature and diversity are important. We have to be careful to not lose more of these amazing world before it's too late. This people work on plants and plant a lot of trees, that's the way I think it would be just wonderful to give something back. You are welcome anytime to visit as they had been very welcoming to me and explained to me a lot of the problems they are facing, so they will be also to you. 

If you like my project Morning Nature in the Wild NFT's please vote for me. 

Best regards

The WildMonk Brand

Just for your information, I like to know where the money goes, therefore I rather give it to people or small communities that I know will use it for the right purpose.