CRYPTO WOMEN

Women are considered the pillar to most of the families because of their great personality to bond the family together. This therefore creates a sense of finding their possible contribution in finance. Crypto Women is an NFT project that tends to create a smaller collection and show case the recognition of women’s sacrifices during the NFT projects releasing on Telos for 2022.

The symbol of a woman in a house has a great impact on the house reflection to the society. For this reason, most women have been praised for their effortless sacrifices to their kids and family in general. This makes them stand out and win the tag of war between men in terms of keep the family together and firm. It’s my belief that having smaller collections will help me pin point the most outstanding women that truly carry the flag of a woman in line with the culture and society expectation at large.

The numerous NFT collection bounding the NFT space tends to consider physical assets and fail to consider the significance of the most of our women in the society. It’s my target to honor the few heroic women in our society which I believe it’s possible when most distributed so as to inspire the rest of the women. The holders of Crypto Woman will regularly receive NFT airdrops on a random form.

The Crypto women is a great treasure when minted out and I’ll be allocating 25% of the minted TLOS to the icon and heroic women and source for giveaway prices to other women in the society. The other 25% will be allocated to developing the financial capability of the women through establishing for that startup projects for capital generation. The remaining 50% will be mine so as do develop my picture and skills in the NFT field(solidity) with other developers and help me upgrade my block chain professionalism and improving my NFT marketplace. I will use the TLOS in ensuring that can qualify to be part of the Telos company on NFT design and generation.

In conclusion Crypto Women is a project to last and its having it coming to success will be a major reason spike my skills and prepare to role more projects for the forth coming contests.