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I have been a professional artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and cartoonist for 30 years. From storyboards for movies like HIDDEN FIGURES and ST. VINCENT, to illustrated books like THE DUNGEON DOZEN, and personal projects like my latest documentary THE ILLUMINATION OF JIM WOODRING, my career has been truly multi-media and varied in scale. 

I know nearly nothing about NFTs and Crypto-currencies (like, am I even supposed to hyphenate the words?), and that will be evident from every bit of my submission for this contest. This contest will be my way of learning more about these digital products. 

I have created and illustrated over 400 original heroes (a number to rival the bullpen of the Marvel Universe) with pen and paper, and I am offering these original images as not just NFTs, but as original pieces of art to accompany the NFT, much in the same way that stock holders used to get actual physical  pieces of paper with their stocks. The first release will be restricted to 150 of the existing heroes. If the market exists for successive releases, additional batches of 150 images will be offered for sale. 

Collectively, all of these heroes are a part of a new super hero universe that I call Hero Fight Zero. With a nod to anime of hero ranked combat (ala One Punch Man, Dragonball Z, Pokemon, and the like), the characters in this universe all train and vie for superiority in the annual “Hero Fight” contest The story follows an underdog hero ranked Zero who dreams of becoming the champion.