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Telland is an innovative NFT project on the Telos network which aims to connect the blockchain and our planet. Telland NFTs are beautiful artificial-intelligence generated pieces of art. But their power goes beyond art. Each NFT represents one out of 100 parcels into which real life land is divided. Thanks to the purchase of an NFT, our project is able to turn arid land into productive soil whose products are later processed and sold. Telland NFT holders will share in the fruits of the projects as early as the first year. 

The physical counterpart of Telland consists of a hectare of land located within the Proyecto Ecológico Nuestro Paraíso in the Northwestern region of Piura, Peru, South America. The latter is currently growing organic crops for the elaboration of a variety of products for good nutrition and health. These products are later distributed to different outlets in Peru and abroad generating profit. As soon as a collection of 100 NFTs sells out or is closed (30 days after the mint is announced), we are ready to prepare the soil to make our hectare fertile and apt for production.

Rewards will be sent across to Telland NFT holders on a yearly basis based on the performance of the land each season. Visit telland.finance for more information.