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Hippotropolis, a wonderful world full of many curious and strange creatures, where hippos are the smartest; and the smartest of the hippos are the ones invested in crypto, “Crytpo Hippos' and they have decided to take Hippotropolis into the world of NFT's, in style.

There are 4200 Crypto Hippos roaming these lands, filling the lakes, swamps and hollows of hippotropolis, getting tans, surfing waves, playing in virtual lands going to the moon and doing just about anything you can think of; never with to much effort, they are after all the largest in the lands (they think so, but elephants and whales are bigger).

They are ambitious but not overzealous, they want to be more than your average release, but understand there's lots of fish in the NFT sea and over-promising and under-delivering is not a smart way to get know, they know an hinest is a; and a happy community thrives. They strive to offer all they can to their holders,  first offering cute and colourful art, they believe people will want to own, share and show off. Crypto Hippos want to give back and will offer small batch NFT special drops to holders; Sometimes all holders; sometimes top holders; sometimes to random holders; sometimes to those who are active in the community, and also at small events and games, announced or unannounced as a surprise. The random drops will consist of custom backgrounds you can add your Crypto Hippos to and other creatures of the land, giraffes, lions, whales, meerkats. Etc.

Crypto Hippos love the idea of free easy stuff, and want to allocate 40% funds to giveaways in the form of TLOS, having custom tokens are nice but not always a true value to holders, TLOS is a true value and a TLOS reflection for holding Crypto hippos is and They believe it is better and most importantly easier for everyone; removing the need and burden of staking for a token of no real value. We don't want to promise the world, but with a keen vibrant community we would like to allocate 30% funds to a Merch store to give people ways to show off their Crypto hippos to the world; with pride, but also offer Telos Merch from the same store (believing this is an untapped and needed avenue in the Telos community), the funds raised through the merch store will all go directly back to the community; either as rewards for whatever they decided deserves rewarding or development of other fun activities as incentives, the community would decide; ultimately the funds are theirs. ( we would love to make a Mario style video game with ranking based rewards paid weekly or monthly, but that's just one  idea) the remaining 30% of funds going to the team for the effort and expansion as necessary.

Crypto Hippos, a bit of fun for everyone, with a lot of relaxing and eating grass.



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