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Forged from recursive equations..

..pumped through a Xeon / M1 Max processor, these Fractal Mandalas use sacred math to induce a psychedelic experience by hacking the pattern recognition system of the brain.

DMT meets data 🍃 Mandalas meet Mushrooms 🍄 Art meets acid 👅

☀️ Fractal Mandalas 🖼 NFT Collection

Listen to a free Channel-hop Album by godsol 

🌅 This collection features ONLY Unique NFTs

🖌 12 iterations of 12 pieces each will be released, with each new edition raising the floor price. All images were rendered at 11,000 x 11,000 px or higher. All art on Telos will be different from my opensea collection.

👕 To celebrate your uniqueness, each primary-sale NFT purchaser is shipped an included IRL shirt, all-over printed with the NFT art you purchased. Your shirt design will then be retired from print.

All costs covered in NFT price.

The wisdom of fractals..

..is expressed in the structure of life, light, and the universe itself.

Sacred geometry trains your brain to pick up universal patterns of energy, improving perception and connection. Fractals can amplify, distribute and focus this energy. Tune in. Turn on. One Love. ☀️

Funding Breakdown: Funds will be used to purchase and ship the physical T-Shirts. All remaining funds will go to the artist and collaborators. Douglas (godsol) has designed, sold and shipped thousands of t-shirts all over the world, as well as physically sold limited prints in partnership with Fest Apparel at music festivals such as Electric Forest, Lost Lands, Big Dub, and more. In addition to art and music, Douglas is a founder and coder of dapps in the EOSIO space, with big plans on Telos, and has published a paper about Web 4.

👨‍🎨 artist: douglas.life