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Alien Collection by Wayne Sheppard

Five NFT collections using the ERC-721 Standard. These collections will be collectible, have various attributes for enabling them in future NFT games, as well as utility out of the box using the Journey Builder - an adventure designer built by Destiny World and Fortis under the joint brand Destiny Airlines.

Destiny Airlines aims to revolutionize the NFT and Metaverse industry by creating a framework to connect blockchains and projects in the Destiny World and Fortis ecosystems. They solve this with a unique Journey Builder where you can explore the path to other communities on other blockchains or even discover a portal to a Metaverse. Not only will it open up a Gamified NFT playground, but also connect NFTs in adventures and grant access to multiple metaverses by doing simple and advanced tasks.

By completing journeys and adventures you get a Social Identity, Badges and new Rewards and Perks. It also aims to support a seamless flow of native tokens across blockchains, meaning that a coin from a project on one end will be accessible on the other end as a reward or to gain greater utility. Awareness across communities and networks is the key.

And the first adventures will start at ... *Spoiler Alert* ... Telos EVM!

The collections will be:

  • Outer Bones
  • Alien Ships
  • Alien Atlantis
  • Alien Buff
  • Alien Zee

Proceeds from this Hackaton

If this project makes it to top 5, 100% of the prize money will go back to Wayne Sheppard.

Destiny World will fund the development of the NFT contracts, integrations with marketplaces and minting website.