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The project CCC+ is a 2-sided, blockchain based, market-place to trade high quality carbon credits locally

  • 9,018 Raised
  • 5 Juries


  • Healthy and resilient cities - with clean air!
  • BYO - Bring your Own!



IDEA - CCC+ empowers climate oriented SMEs, startups and scaleups by providing an accessible and trustworthy blockchain based solution for trading and verifying certified Carbon credits

MISSION - To empower and fund carbon negative start-ups, scale ups and SMEs towards higher growth and scaling by providing them easy and affordable access and visibility to the Carbon market to monetize their green impact.


  • Climate Tech Startups often lack funding to scale quicker. 

  • Selling carbon credits is so complicated and overwhelming that many Startups end up not doing it. 

  • We need more funding for Green Startups, to slow down race towards 1,5° tipping point.

  • Carbon credits are being re-sold or doubly counted and thus lose meaning


  • Connecting Carbon Credit Buyers with LOCAL suppliers

  • Carbon Credit Trading Platform based on Blockchain, that makes it very easy for ClimateTech Startups to monetize the saved CO2 and even easier for Buyers to compensate for their CO2 emissions.

  • Empowering Green Startups with financial means and more visibility through carbon credit trading on our platform. 


  • TAM of $300M in 2018, $2B in 2022 to grow to $100B in 2030

Revenue Model

  • CCC+ will take a commission on every successful sale of Carbon Credit