We are a PaaS for Waste Management Services which uses its 5G IoT devices to live monitor waste and CO2 emissions. Also, we will increase more than 30% efficiency of waste management companies;  reduce the same amount of travels and thus the CO2 emitted.

IoT device: 5G, running on Green Cloud arsys, biocomposite in materials.

Presentation Pitch Deck:

Business Lean Canvas:

Target Account: 

  • Demography: metropolitan cities moving towards smart cities.

  • Pain: fixed route, no IoT devices, late monitoring.

  • Factors Influencing Buying: increase in efficiency(time, cost, etc.), smart city CAGR, competition.

  • Decision Makers: Lead Manager, Centre Director, Project Manager.

  • Communication Channels: cold email, offline sales, networking.

Buyer Persona: 

  • Demography: center with high amount of recyclable waste.

  • Pain: no accountability of CO2 emissions, time inefficient communication channels with waste management companies.

MockUp of how our PaaS UI would be prototyped. It will be the connection between the transporter and the 5G IoT device connection that his device receives.