IDEA Dendrite incentivises sustainable property investment by coupling ecological sustainability with financial rewards.

AIM To fund properties with strong sustainable development activity, while decoupling financial reward from ecological destruction.

PROBLEM Profit is coupled with fossil fuel consumption.

SOLUTION Dendrite provides a clear direction to develop properties that are in a reciprocal and lasting relationship with the local environment and the planet. This is supported by meaningful metrics and information to inform property investors and managers to develop sustainable properties.

SUMMARY By coupling ecological sustainability and financial benefits, we incentivise long-term sustainable development.


Human habitation shapes the land with our movement and interactivity. How we move together shapes the cities we build and how we scale. Our movement is motivated by our values, culture and cyclical rhythms. Financial systems can be designed to move us in more responsive and meaningful ways that are reciprocal and ecologically beneficial.

Dendrite provides actionable metrics to transition from Squareville towards human scale habitats. Square grid urban planning is short term, cost driven and car centred; it decimates landscapes and produces an environment with unsafe zones, traffic accidents and traffic jams, thus increasing carbon emissions.

Dendrite enables investors to invest towards residential zones that are car free within complex natural and city environments. Urban areas built on a human scale would have all the essential facilities accessible within either walking distance, or can be reached by personal wheeled vehicles, or shared light transport.

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