• On average, 290 kg of waste is generated per inhabitant
  • 87% of this waste has recycling potential
  • 60% of university students fail to recycle

Target Audience

  • Students
    • Lack of knowledge & confidence
    • Perceived lack of ability to be sustainable, due to costs and convenience (distance & time investment)
  • Community Partners (waste collectors, local businesses, & corporates)
    • Limited visibility
    • Lack of collaboration


Wastable is an easy-to-use mobile app that leverages technology and behavioral insights to connect students, waste collectors, local businesses, & corporates into one circular economy built on our vision of turning waste into resources.

Together, we can reimagine waste and work towards a greener environment.


  1. Students register their bin & assign their waste category in the app to receive a Bin ID
  2. List various options to share from Solid waste, Food waste, Clothing, Furniture, & Electronics
  3. Explore nearby waste collectors to take the bin there, scan the Bin ID, and gain points
  4. Discover nearby retailers that are interested in buying second-hand clothing or furniture
  5. The collected points can be redeemed as coupons & promotions coming from local small shops, University services, banks, transportation, & corporates
  6. Students and community partners continue to connect via the Wastable Feed, where students can make recommendations and follow a leaderboard based on accumulated points, which both increases visibility to local businesses & opportunities around campus and incentivizes people to recycle more


Who are we?

Nassim Midani is a manager in healthcare entrepreneurship and jedi in waste management. He is passionate about facilitating waste recycling and inspiring students to become environmental heroes.

Ashton Mack is a UX/UI designer with a background in education. Having worked with various students and in many educational institutes, she has seen first-hand the waste/recycling behaviour and the need to motivate the younger generation to recycle.

Sandra Leong is a UX Designer & Researcher with a background in Psychology. She is passionate and committed to work that drives sustainable development goals.

Sabrina Xiong has a background in finance and is interested in using her research in behavioral economics to incentivize people and businesses to make more sustainable decisions.