Academic use of old automatic evaluation systems to solve coding challenges.

Lack of use of automatic evaluation systems of technical competencies in other academic areas.


"Shiftie Judge" is an automated evaluating system for multiple types of solutions. This system creates new opportunities to change the current education grading and learning system. The main goal is to provide a platform modular enough to support any grading system we want, and even custom ones. Besides the automated grading system, this platform also provides a repository with multiple problems of multiple areas where the users can practice and improve their skills while getting instant feedback. This system can support university courses, exams, contests and technical interviews. At the end of this hackathon, the goal is to have the system ready to evaluate programming problems and HTML & CSS challenges.



Tech stack:

  1. Backend:
    1. NodeJS
    2. MongoDB
    3. Python
    4. Shell
  2. Frontend:
    1. ReactJS
  3. Global:
    1. Docker