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We are developing a Webapp to help university students find available study rooms and canteens on their campus by providing real-time information about seating capacity and others.

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QWatch - Join the Q

Our Problem:

Students often spend close to an hour or more standing in queues to eat at the university, and they waste time wandering around the campus trying to find available study rooms. 

And how are we going to solve this? 

Let us present you QWatch!

QWatch is a comprehensive WebApp and MobileApp that enables users to check the queue status of canteens, including the number of people in the queue and the estimated waiting time. By providing estimated waiting times, users can quickly evaluate whether they have enough time to wait in line or if they should consider other dining options. This is especially useful to ensure that people with time constraints arrive at their destination on time. 

Furthermore, QWatch enables users to check the availability of study rooms in their college and determine which rooms are vacant or occupied. In addition, the app allows users to find fellow students who are studying the same subject or working on similar projects. Collaborating with others is often more productive than working independently, and QWatch makes it easier to connect with like-minded individuals.

Technologies Used :
    * React / NextJs
    * Tailwind
    * Prisma

Link to our final project: 


Link to our presentation:


Link to our Mobile App prototype: