In order to reduce the visual pollution on the packages of products and give more information on how to recycle them, our project will reduce all of this information into a simple QR code.

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Nowadays, the time we spend awful lots of time reading labels in products in order to find the information we are looking for, and, most of the times, we leave empty handed. One of the principal labels that we look for and usually cannot find is the recycling one, and when we do it is not specific at all.

Our solution to this problem is a mobile app that lists all the needed information of a product in a more user-friendly way, and gives a more in depth explanation on how to recycle it.

To achieve this, we created an android app using Android Studio using Java language, which is connected to a Firebase Realtime Database with tables that contain all the information listed above.

Instead of having a giant mess of labels, tables and description, everything can be accessed with a simple QR Code, which is unique to every product.

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