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Project concept

Raven - Heaven's Courier aims to improve a person's quality of life by making full use of the potential of drones. Daily routine tasks like buying groceries or getting the medicines to hand over to the grandparents are made easy with this easy-to-use platform.

(video: https://we.tl/t-3WTt2fitLk)

Technologies used

Using state-of-the-art technology like Drones, PX4, Django, Flutter and MAVlink we plan to fill the sky with small mechanic ravens.


The process starts when a new user sign's up in our application and the first step in the application is inserting information regarding their drone. Then, every time a delivery is requested our Raven API coordinates with EUROCONTROL's service to collect information needed to perform the flight safely. 

After figuring out the information required to perform the flight, the Drone takes off towards the pick up location where the requested packages can be loaded up. When ready to return home, the Raven API will coordinate the voyage back home and will notify the user that his package has arrived either to their house or to the safe lading place if you specified the delivery to be made elsewhere.

Fig. 1 - Raven Architecture.




Here we present the menus and functionalities of the application.

Fig. 2 - Show safe take-off locations.

Fig. 3 - Shops Menu.

Fig 4 - Items menu

Fig. 5 - Login.

Fig. 6 - Drone is back.

Fig. 7 - Shopping Cart.



Market Size 


As time goes on, drone owner's will only keep increasing. That opens a lot of new markets and new services.

Fig. 8 - Drone Market Size.



Regarding future work, in the first half to full year our objective is to establish affiliations with enterprises and to deal with all the regulation related issues. We will then develop and launch the application to allow the drone owners to take advantage of more of the drone's functionalities before looking for partners that allow us to provide Raven drones instead of the user's. Last but not least, the plan is to expand to other EU countries due to the facility provided by EUROCONTROL's service and maybe even go deeper into other continents based on their legislation.

Fig. 9 - Roadmap.


Lastly, Dr. Cristibanga predicts that the project that will win Shift APPens 2021 is Raven... or any other competing team. :)