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Covid-Info/Help is a website that serves two main purposes. Firstly it's an information site on Covid-19. It displays real time statistics of the world(country-wise) and India(state-wise and district-wise) regarding Covid-19 situation. Users can also get information about Covid-19 testing centers, helpline-nos, NGO's, Hospitals, etc. available in various cities of India. The website also has a unique news feature that renders 10 latest news related to Covid-19 of the place entered by the user. A mini Covid-19 risk checker facility is also provided.

Secondly, through Covid-help website small business shops can accept orders online. This facility serves two purposes :

  1. Buyers : Since customers are unable to move out of their houses during lockdown, they can place an e-order through the website without having to visit the store physically.
  2. Sellers : Due to lockdown, the small businesses are experiencing lesser customer visits and thus less revenue. The option of accepting e-orders ensures that stores do not have to suffer losses just because customers cannot step out of their houses.

Maps feature has been added for easy navigation to shops.


The very world we know and love is changing by the second due to the spread of COVID-19. People are stuck in their houses and are badly impacted by this crisis. People are very curious about questions like -

  • How many cases has my City registered?
  • What is the totals number of active cases in India or Worldwide?
  • What are the latest news regarding Covid-19 of my city?
  • Are there any Covid testing labs, hospitals, free food shelters, NGOs, etc. nearby me?
  • Which phone number to dial in case of emergency?

All these questions were the basis of our Covid-info project and we tried to create a one-stop solution for all questions.

Another problem faced by people now is crowding of people in front of grocery stores while collecting orders. This leads to total disruption of the concept of social distancing. So our team thought of designing a website where these small grocery stores can take their orders online. People can place online orders from home and come to the shop to directly collect their orders. This will reduce the waiting time in long queues and also enforce social distancing. Therefore we have launched Covid-help website.

Features of the project 

  • Covid-info website

    • Recent statistics of Covid-19 confirmed, active, recovered, deaths cases of world(country-wise) and India(state-wise and district-wise) rendered in tabular format.
    • Graphical Representation ( line-charts ) of data for better understanding.
    • Choropleth map of world and India for better data visualisation.
    • Accurate and Effective news scrapper that renders 10 latest news of a place.
    • Additional important information like - Covid-19 testing centers, Hospitals, Govt. Helpline nos., Free food services, Shelter homes and much more.
    • Additional risk checker of Covid-19 for users.

  • Covid-help website

    • Small shops and businesses can currently take their business online by signing up on our website.
    • Maps feature added for easy location and identification of shops by users.
    • Extremely simple to place orders.
    • Easy maintenance of order data as 'New Orders', 'Payment Pending Orders', 'Completed Orders' category.
    • Search orders by buyer name, phone no., order date.
    • Each order has a unique id to prevent order mismatch. Also date and time of order are also recorded.
    • Easy bill generation and downloadable in PDF format.
  • Authentication

    • Secure Authentication features implemented with passport.js
    • No two usernames can be same.
    • No two shops can have same ids
    • User cannot use the features of our site without being logged in.
  • Additional features

    • Well sanitized code base and easy to maintain
    • All RESTful routes followed and proper routes maintained.
    • Responsive website, suitable for desktop and mobile use.

Tech/framework used

The following tools were used in building this site

  • Front-end development

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • BootStrap
    • Semantic UI
  • Back-end development

    • Javascript
    • Node.js
    • Express.js
    • jQuery
  • Database used

    • mongodb
  • Authorisation/Authentication

    • passport.js
  • Web- Scrapping

    • puppeteer.js
  • Graphical tools

    • d3.js
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Maps

    • mapmyindia API