Ever thought how a class in the future would look like ?? Air Class helps you get a glimpse of that !!

Air Class is an AR based application in which instructors assist you in fitness, self-defense and major subjects of science. With AR and 3d as the next bloom in education our software focuses on the same . With our software any person can learn topics starting from working of heart to martials arts with the power of AR and the comfort of home.

A famous proverb goes 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'... we take this very seriously by intergrating a recreational game which can be only unlocked after completing a minimum amount of course or by finish a quiz. With out software we make sure 'LEARNING IS FUN'..

The quiz lets the student test their learning and so that learning doesn't become too boring we came up with the puzzle application

You can download the application in your mobile phone for the best experience AirClass