Description is a Game Center for special games that you can play with any of your NFTs (and their communities).

Token-gated communities are strong communities that leverage the influence of many web3 projects and their communities. Therefore, in our project, we aggregate games made in Dojo that are playable among NFT communities.

Imagine playing a game with your Ducks Everywhere NFT community by briq. It could be an interesting event that strengthens relations within the community and creates competition. What about playing a game where you bet your NFT?

In Dojo Arena, you can join or create games that are listed and made with Dojo. You can manage different turn based games in one place. Also, later on we can integrate a leaderboard for increasing gamefication.

Dojo Arena Overview (Conceptual)

  1. You can see all listed games, and list yours

You can discover open rooms, join a game, explore new communities & games. 

If you have the communities NFT you can join the game.

You can create a room & set the game rule

Dojo Arena : Game #1 Survival Game 

To illustrate this, we've redesigned our hunger games inspired game concept: Survival Game. In Survival Game, each turn you lose your HP due to starvation. To replenish it, you need to hunt or attack. The last survivor wins all the entry fees. 

For example, after the hackathon, we'll redesign it to host battles among different collections. The last surviving collection receives the entry fees. Also we will integrate VRF after the hackaton.

To increase auto-marketing, we will share 1% of the game fee to reward the initiators of the game room, if their room starts.

In current design, we believe that we can reach more communities with enabling games about starknet NFTs.



We used checkpoint for indexing data of nft collections to our game.

We cannot have a time for building it but we are considering to use Herodotus so we can provide games on Starknet to L1 communities. 


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Github :

Possible Outcomes:

Game Builders:
Game builders not only save time by building on Dojo, and also can reach larger and more solid communities with this aggregation tool.

NFT Communities:
Meet and play new games within the community, compete with each other, and create new events.