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Kakashi Swap is a meta decentralized exchange (DEX) built on top of StarkNet who provide a way for customizable liquidity.

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Kakashi Swap is an innovative type of decentralized exchange (DEX) that introduces a unique approach to liquidity provision and fee reduction. Unlike traditional DEXs, Kakashi Swap allows users to deposit a single asset into a liquidity pool based on an underlying strategy. This strategy is directly linked to the asset being deposited.

By depositing their asset into the pool, users benefit from decreased fees when performing swaps on the platform. This fee reduction incentivizes users to participate in the ecosystem and provides them with a cost-effective way to trade assets.

On the other hand, liquidity providers in Kakashi Swap gain the opportunity to increase their yield based on the performance of the underlying strategy connected to the asset they deposit. If the strategy performs well, the liquidity providers can enjoy higher returns on their deposited assets.

This unique combination of fee reduction for users and increased yield for liquidity providers creates a symbiotic relationship within the Kakashi Swap ecosystem. It encourages participation from both traders and liquidity providers while fostering an environment where the performance of the underlying strategy directly influences the potential rewards for liquidity providers.

To learn more about Kakashi Swap and explore the project, you can visit the [Kakashi Swap GitHub repository](https://github.com/bacharif/kakashi).

Overall, Kakashi Swap introduces a novel approach to DEXs by aligning the interests of users and liquidity providers, enabling fee reductions, and connecting liquidity provision with underlying asset strategies to enhance potential yield opportunities.