Kakachain 🥷

Kakachain is a project made during the pragma oracle hackathon.

It is an independent app-chain laucnhed via Madara. There is only one ERC721 token on the chain, and new mints are produced every 5 minutes by generating Kakarot<>Madara themed prompts via GPT, rendering them via Midjourney, and then minting them on Kakachain.

Why Kakachain?

Kakachain is a way to explore the modular blockchain stack in a fun way. The idea was to see how fast can new app-chain be launched with frameworks like Madara! and we were able to laucnh the chain with the whole project in less than 24 hours!

Kakarot <> Madara is a fusion that everyone is waiting for, where people will be able to launch a ZK-EVM app-chain.

There are memes everywhere about it, and recently there was a lot of interest in using Midjourney to create cool images around this theme.

                        Screenshot of community using cool Kakarot and Madara images/Gif.

This is where the idea originated, how about we could run a completly automated app-chain, via Madara, where random Kakarot <> Madara themed NFTs are generated. This would be an interesting way to celebrate this fusion and at the same time a great way to explore an app-chain on Madara.

Learnings from making Kakachain

Modular blockchains will open up new world of interesting blockchain applications, I can already see so many more things I can do on this custom app-chain! for example:

  • Allow only one erc721 to exits on this chain
  • Put a small proof of work requirement for every NFT mint { to make sure I am not being botted }
  • change the block production time to match the rate of GPT prompt generation!
  • cross chain mint, allow someone to mint on Kakachain by sending a message from other chain, and much more!

I think projects like Madara, Celestia, Avail, etc are going to bring a new wave of interesting interoperable blockchain application! Let's see 🤞


You can hack on top of Kakachain!

Yes, because at the end of the day, it is a starknet sequencer, you can deploy your contracts to it, and use it like any normal starkent sequencer. Feel free to checkout the starknet JSON RPC spec to playaround!

How long will Kakachain run?

It has around ~210 prompts, so has enough prompts for 17.5 hours { 1 prompt, every 5 min }! But there is a secret endpoint by which you can add more prompts! Yes!!!!!

If you want to add more prompts, reach out to me on twitter and I can give you the endpoint with the API key!