An inclusive DeFi solution poised to bridge the gap for the 178 million undeserved Latinos without access to traditional financial systems. With StarkVault, you can easily stake your assets on Ethereum Layer 1 (L1) using Wido and enjoy the benefits of automated rebalancing. Our smart contracts, deployed on Starknet Goerli, maintain a 50/50 proportion of ETH and USDC in your deposited assets.

By integrating AVNU, every interaction with StarkVault triggers a rebalance, optimizing your Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The use of Checkpoint ensures transparent indexing of all transactions on our platform, providing you with a seamless experience. Plus, our token is listed on Wido, allowing you to swap any token on Ethereum to invest with StarkVault.

Empowered by Wido, Cairo contracts, AVNU, and Checkpoint, StarkVault revolutionizes DeFi by making token swaps, deposit conversions, and cross-rollup transactions effortlessly convenient. With Wido Router, you can now access a wide range of tokens natively within your wallet, enhancing the DeFi user experience. Experience better pricing, zero slippage, MEV-protection, and gasless trading on the most efficient and seamless decentralized exchange, AVNU.

Embrace StarkVault today and embark on a user-friendly journey into the world of DeFi and blockchain technology.

Important links:
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