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Zap Mint Starknet.id from L1

Zap Mint Starknet.id from L1 in one transaction

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Using common tokens(ETH/DAI/USDC) on Ethereum and other EVM blockchains,  mint an iNFT on Starknet with the staknet.id and purchase a domain that belongs to you in one transaction.

How does it work?

Our Cairo1 contract receives the tokens and exchanges them for ETH. Thanks to the cross-chain tool Wido and the aggregator ANVU, which connects to Starknet, Then, it mints an iNFT and purchases a domain. Finally, the iNFT is sent back to the user.

Due to the limitations of Wido's current capabilities, it is necessary for the frontend to adapt and modify the callData of Ethereum transactions. This allows for the execution of our Cairo1 contract, enabling compatibility with Wido and ANVU, which are equipped with a customized SDK. This modified setup ensures support for Starknet.js v5 and the Cairo1 contract.

Please note that if you want to directly view your .stark name on the frontend and browser, you still need to confirm one transaction on Starknet. This additional step is necessary to prevent malicious binding of unwanted domain names to your address by others.