Nowadays multiple emergencies and natural phenomena happen every day in the world, so it is important to be prepared for these events.


In particular, Chile has multiple geographical areas with different phenomena such as earthquakes, forest fires, tsunamis, etc.


Movidos x Chile is a program of the Community of Solidarity Organizations that articulates a large network of organizations, promoting coordinated action in preparedness and timely and relevant response to emergencies and disasters, encouraging the responsible participation of all in the face of this country's reality.


Moved by their need to keep the community informed, they expressed the need for an information repository to be able to reach the entire community. They are currently carrying out trainings, called "Todo Chile preparado" (All Chile prepared), to prepare for possible emergencies. 


Therefore, the following needs have arisen.

  • They need to reach as many people as possible with their training.
  • They are looking for a way to make the information easy to understand for all types of users.
  • They need to measure whether the information delivered was understood by the users.


Proposed solution:

  • Through gamification we wanted to show the different trainings of "Todo Chile Preparado".
  • Each training will be called "mission", in which the user will be shown sheets of information and then a question, so that they feel interested in understanding what they read. 
  • By answering correctly all the questions of the "mission" the user will win a "Shield".
  • The design was thought in information and question templates, so that "Movidos" can add information without the need for a specialist to upload the information.