To have access on the plataform, you can create an acount or acess with this user test:

[email protected]  Senha001cripto23$%#

 [email protected] Senha001cripto23$%#

 [email protected] Senha001cripto23$%#

Wallets to use for create company:

  1. 0x9a6d780FCE3D96683208D6F6fbCd3935Ad6C89df
  2. 0xbB52E1b561e2a32B93c054b32A78Ce746Fc31BBB
  3. 0x31044C480f0C3151b919815e858D402F1C278597
  4. 0x6fbC316c41491a372bCF5AfeDffB8CdCeb04dA95
  5. 0xD0589839E922323b4432c249336Eb7747B3d688F

CryptoGive is a cutting-edge web application designed to revolutionize charitable giving. By seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency wallets, it provides a user-friendly platform for individuals and organizations to make donations to NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) with ease and transparency.

In a world where cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly prevalent, CryptoGive bridges the gap between the crypto community and charitable organizations. Our platform not only simplifies the donation process but also ensures that every contribution counts. With complete transparency and a user-friendly experience, CryptoGive empowers you to make a positive difference in the world.

Key Features:

1. Simplified Cryptocurrency Donations: CryptoGive simplifies the process of donating cryptocurrencies to your favorite NGOs. It eliminates the need for complex transactions, making it accessible to both crypto enthusiasts and beginners.

2. Expanded Donor Base: Our application aims to broaden the scope of charitable contributions. By allowing users to connect their cryptocurrency wallets, we empower a wider audience to participate in philanthropy, ultimately increasing the resources available for crucial causes.

3. Blockchain Transparency: We take transparency seriously. CryptoGive leverages blockchain technology to record and verify all transactions. This ensures that every donation is securely and immutably documented, providing donors and NGOs with complete transparency and accountability.

4. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating CryptoGive is a breeze. Our intuitive interface guides users through the donation process, from wallet connection to selecting a cause and completing the donation. You don't need to be a tech expert to make a meaningful impact.

5. Diverse Supported Cryptocurrencies: CryptoGive supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, giving you the freedom to donate with the digital currency of your choice. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others are welcome here.

This project aims to support Cryptoloop: 

Criptoloop is a Non-Governmental NGO, whose objective is to support students in the crypto universe, for this, we aim to bring together in one place people who like to study and share knowledge about Crypto, Blockchain, Games and Web3.

We want to create a free and safe environment to discuss strategies, news and also build the future of web 3.0, supporting new developers, creating tournaments, events, providing sponsorship of E-Sports teams on Web3 through Scholarship.