Welcome to the Build for the Future Hackathon 2023, a collaboration that unites innovation and social impact. In conjunction with Noor'Fatima, an organization dedicated to aiding the homeless, and with the support of OutSystems, a leader in low-code development, we embark on a journey to address critical societal challenges through technology-driven solutions.

Noor'Fatima is a non-profit organization with the aim of making a meaningful difference in the lives of homeless individuals within our community. They believe that every person deserves access to basic needs and the opportunity to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.

They have been relying on social media platforms to reach out to their supporters and share their mission. With your support and the introduction of our new application, we are taking a significant step forward. Our application will serve as a virtual hub, allowing them to establish a strong online presence, much needed in today's digital landscape.

To maintain financial transparency and accountability, they require an intuitive dashboard where administrators (admins) can track expenses and benefits. It offers a clear overview of financial data, making it easier to manage budgets, allocate resources, and optimize financial decisions.