Our Project: 3 Challenges

1. Automating Shift Management and Volunteer Coordination

Automate shift coordination and volunteer assignments through a OpenAI-powered bot that consolidates data from WhatsApp groups into the Odoo ERP system, streamlining the process for shift managers.

2. Optimizing Daily Food Pickup Routes for Volunteers

Revolutionizing the daily planning of food pickup routes by empowering volunteers with a user-friendly app. Integrated with Google Maps APIs, our system not only visualizes their designated routes but also calculates the most efficient paths and provides optimal timings for each pickup location. This ensures timely collections, reduced travel times, and maximized efficiency for each volunteer driver.

3. Modernizing the Food Collection Schedule for Families in Need

Transformed the manual, labor-intensive process of updating a kanban-style whiteboard into a dynamic digital display. With our app, vital food collection schedules for families in need are now showcased on a TV, ensuring real-time updates and eliminating the daily redrawings, streamlining operations.