Features -

  • Scan (or reference local storage for) ID documents (e.g. license, passport) for voice assistance when you need to provide information from these documents.
  • Integrate with Google Timeline to assist with "where was I at/on ..." queries, or fine reconcilation (e.g. scan parking/traffic fine and receive information on who was likely to have incurred the fine based upon their whereabouts at the time - family members may be added to your account if they accept your invitation). 
  • Easy access to documents using voice commands.
  • Google maps and weather (for sunrise/set) integration, parking?
  • Account for terrain when planning travel routes. Extend to buildings, does the building stairs have railing, lifts etc.
    • Future enhancements:
      •  helpful wearables e.g shoes
      • Good parking spots
  • Medicine/Supplement reminder: For situations when you have meds that should be taken every x hours, set the duration and dosage. Have your phone alarm you when it's due. Integrate with pharmacy repository to look up effects and what the suggest dosages are if you forget.