In today's fast-paced world, countless individuals and organizations aspire to make a positive impact on their communities and the world at large. However, a significant barrier often stands between their aspirations and realization: funding. Whether it's a student seeking financial assistance for education, a non-profit organization aiming to address a pressing social issue, or an entrepreneur with an innovative idea, the challenge of securing adequate funding can hinder their progress and limit their potential.

To address this pervasive problem, we aim to create a user-friendly and efficient fundraising website, "Heal Together" that connects individuals and organizations in need of financial support with compassionate donors who are eager to make a difference. This platform seeks to streamline the fundraising process and democratize access to resources, ensuring that anyone with a worthy cause can effectively raise funds to achieve their goals.

We have the frontend and backend of this application. Frontend will be used by users who want to request fundraising requests and/or want to donate on campaign. Backend will be used to manage campaigns and see donations.

Application Users

  • Fund requestor
  • Donor
  • Fundraising Manager