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Our project is a preventative health app that encourages users to get some exercise by looking for items and sights in their own cities. The app provides a selection of checklists with different themes. Users can choose a checklist and find the items on the list right in their own city. 

The idea was first conceptualized on paper and rough sketches were drawn out. Wireframes were then constructed on Figma and this eventually led to a clickable prototype designed by team member Monique. Reinhardt was the software developer for the team and coded the app in Typescript. See the GIT REPOSITORY here: https://github.com/Reinhoster/find-on-foot/
The actual implementation of the app and MVP are still a work in progress; however, we have provided some other materials for you to get to know the app better.

Walking is great exercise - sometimes you just need a good reason to go walk around! Well, what are you waiting for? Go explore with findonfoot, and remember to share your photos with the #findonfoot on Instagram (p.s. We made a real INSTAGRAM page to go along with this project - it's not bustling yet, but go check it out! https://www.instagram.com/findonfoot/ )

You can also play around with our CLICKABLE PROTOTYPE of the app by using this link:

Or view a LIVE DEMO of the app by viewing the 'findonfoot app demonstration with sound' video that we placed in the Assets section on the Taikai platform.

Don't forget to download the VIDEO SUBMISSION SLIDES and the all important ONE-PAGER!!! from the Assets section - we kept things short and sweet in the video, but we want you to have access to the info in the slides for your reference! 

Have fun, and we hope to see your photos featured on our findonfoot page soon!