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The application APK is available in the assets section. Currently available only for Android.

Are the basic building blocks of my life in balance? Sometimes I find it difficult to remember or find the motivation to do the most routine chores. If I’m not going to get my life in order properly, then why try at all. This is the vicious cycle that many, who suffer from mental illness, get stuck in.

Building Blocks is your digital friend that nudges you to complete at least some basic chores during your day, when there is no one else to do it. It is completely okay, if you did not shower today, let’s celebrate that you made a trip to the grocery store, bought yourself an ice cream and managed to do the dishes. 

There are many different levels of depression and often the symptoms work only to deepen a bad situation to a worse one. By holding on to the basic building blocks of one’s routine life, not punishing oneself for not achieving everything during a day, and rebuilding routines little by little, this cycle can be weakened.

Building Blocks is an application that asks you how much daily activities you feel is suitable and makes suggestions and nudges you into keeping your life going. It does not give you new and innovative nutritional facts nor does it lead you in morning meditations at 6am to optimise your wellbeing. Building Blocks is simply there to remind you of the things you already know, but might be too sick to do anything about, without a friend to nudge you in the right direction.


Our main customer segment is a young person between the ages of 20-30, who lives alone and is all alone with the responsibilities of life, with no one at home to support them. They are still functional - able to hold a job and study - but have started to struggle with basic routines of life and have perhaps some early signs of depression.

For a person like this, often the first things that they let go, are the basic building blocks of life. This only works to worsen the situation and might push a young person with a developing depression over the line. This is why, it is of the up most importance that those routines be held on to. 


There are tons of different self-help application out there, many of which aim at building routines and reporting moods and activities. The common problem with all of these solutions is that they require self-reporting, draw nice graphs and often prompt the user to go beyond even what is considered a basic routine. Rarely do people really do yoga every morning and go jog before going to work. Failing to do these   nice things an app pushes you towards thus only makes the user more aware of their own "failure". 

Our solution does no such fancy things. Building Blocks requires no self-reporting or asks you to yoga. It simply reminds the user to do the most simple routines in a fun and engaging way. Because truly, sometimes it is enough that you had the energy to do the dishes and you should be allowed to feel good about it, without feeling guilty because you skipped yoga. 


Kristiina is a nurse and the mother of our idea and us.

Märt is a university student with a BSc in Information Networks

Raul is a university student pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering

Kert is our young developer, still in high school, but the main brain behind our code