We are always in a rush due to our busy lives and sometimes we ignore some small symptoms that start to occur in our body. Via our application you can record a description of your symptoms as soon as they appear, and post them in your account in this application. These posts will be visible only to you till the moment that you decide to share them with a family doctor and wait for his professional advice. 

In this way the users of these application will be able to keep track of their symptoms and prevent some potential diseases before they aggravate to another stage.

Do you know that in Norway there are around 2 million patients with at least one treatment at general hospitals in 2019

This application becomes especially important in pandemic situations where there are lockdown days or strict rules in place. This application will offer the possibility to share the accurate symptoms and receive remote professional clinical advice from family doctor. Using our system you will be able to choose from over 400 different symptoms.

This application has an added value for patients with chronic disease. They can share with the doctor periodically the measurements of their parameters that they have posted in their account (blood pressure level, blood sugar level etc. ) or daily progress of their illness (kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, depression ) and wait for doctor’s feedback. The doctor will be able to see the history of patient’s symptoms and provide advice over the application. In this way the patient will save the time that would spend to meet the doctor in person.


This application is especially important for patients with movement disorders, who sometimes have to engage their family members or nurses to bring them to health care centers for a small small problem which could be treated via online advice

This application has a special value for family doctors, who very often spend a lot of time just to understand the patients complaints because the patient is not very clear about the symptoms she/he had. While this application will offer to family doctor the possibility to track the real symptoms and avoid spending time on cases that don't need further examinations. 

With over 400 symptoms mapped with unified codes UMLS, we will make their work easier to integrate with the systems that they are using and increase the accuracy of the episode of care. 

In addition we will provide intelligent recommendations extracted from analyzing correlations between diseases and symptoms. In this way the family doctor will utilize his time in a more efficient way and have a decision support tool to improve his recommendations. 


This application will be attractive not only for direct users, but also for health insurance companies, which with a small investment will add an attractive feature in their health insurance packages.


In the same way, other private companies will be willing to invest for reimbursing their employees for usage of this application, in order to enrich their benefit packages.


The design of this application will be user friendly, easy to be used by every category of user. It will have high performance and availability, it will be accessible via mobile or web app and will be scale-able for large amount of users and new functionalities. We will pay special care for security of the application.