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Did You Know?! 7.5% of 27.36 million people in the Nordic presently suffers from diabetes, spending billions of euros every year. 

Why take the risk? let us make life easier for you!

We at DIAPRISM present to you...

A diabetes risk prevention application focusing on both general and Nordic specific risk factors in order to calculate, track, recommend and monitor your risk factors of T2D. 

Here you can find... 

Personalised dashboard to track your risk factors involving daily dietary and physical activities.

Personalised suggestions to help in reducing your T2D risk score.

Reassessing your risk score every month to track your progress.

Further creating awareness and enhancing a healthier lifestyle.

Feel free to visit https://mayurkhedekar728933.invisionapp.com/public/prototype/skgvlwklv001am501zcz4kbje

to go through our product prototype. 

Hope to see you on the other side of our app! 

(Please take a look at our 1 page executive summary under the assets section.)