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Treatably is a Reykjavik based mHealth platform founded in 2020 that is dedicated to making life easier for people with thyroid disorders. In the platform people can log all the most important data to keep track of their health and get access to their healthcare service.

When dealing with an incurable and chronic illness like thyroid disorders it's important to keep track of data like symptoms, medication intake and sleep every single day. It's a long and tiring process that often results in people not keeping track and therefore not having a good insight into how their health status is at any given time. On top of that having to gather together all that info every few months for the doctors visit and only having a few minutes to explain months worth of information tends to end with the patient walking out feeling like they didn't get a proper consultation due to not remembering everything.

Founder Ragnheiður Lilja knows this problem all too well being a patient herself, so she decided to do something about it.

With Safa the programmer and Ásta the practical nurse as the team of Treatably they are diving into the deep end of the $40,7 billion mHealth market offering a solution that gathers all the main features of our competitors into one platform that can become the go-to platform to keep track of people's health worldwide.

The main features will be data tracking (medication, symptoms, nutrition, sleep, vitals and movement), storing test results, insight from analysis, peer support and access to ones healthcare service.

Our prevention model works in 2 ways:

1. An autoimmune illness like a thyroid disease will progress and become worse if not treated properly, with our solution the patient can keep the disease stable and prevent it from becoming debilitating.

2. With our analysis and healthcare feature both patient and doctor will detect red flags and warning signs as soon as they arise, preventing hospitalisations and easing the burden on healthcare staff.

Our business model is made up of freemium access to consumers and targeted advertising.

In the few months since Treatably was founded the company has already won two awards and gotten into four prestigious startup competitions, as well as having a waiting list of patients wanting to be the first users after launch. The most exiting part of our journey so far is partnering with the Icelandic directorate of health and getting closer to becoming a fully functional platform!

For more information, visit www.treatably.is.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/treatablyhealth

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/treatably

CODE at: https://github.com/djangoprince/Treatably

Treatably UI/UX Design Prototype : https://youtu.be/qI1SRfyvuQM