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It is always a challenge for researchers to design a proper survey to conduct public health study to investigate the relationship patients' habits and their sickness. Also, human’s memory may be different from the facts, this may weak the study further more.

Meanwhile, the patient’s transactions history are lying in their bank account with all kinds of rich information.

Combining both patient’s health data and their financial transactions information, researchers can find links between different patients with same disease more efficiently. 

Moreover, banks can provide a analysis on each individual’s transactions based on researchers’ study and even suggest how customers can modify their life style by with the help of AI, so that the customers of banks will have a healthier life and reduce not only carbon foot print but also reduce cost of insurance and other social cost.

Of course, these data should be processed anonymous, used for scientific purpose and authorised by patients or customers. Also it would be a good idea that to provide public access of this data set so that encourage the public to utilise this data set for their own interests.

One other potential example of utilising transaction history in this pandemic period is that we can trace those people, who got Covid-19 based on their transaction history. And to notify the other people, who also visited same place at similar time, the risk of potential expose to the virus with just one click.

It is simple to come up a business model that how to make money from this rich data mines, what is important is that how this data set can benefit the society at a large scale.

The source code of the Demo App is availiable at https://github.com/hry625/Share_for_healthier.