Sustainible Future Home Recepies

Use what you got at home without searching the internet for hours trying to find the best recipe. This app does that for you, no need to worry about looking up what you can make with your food.

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SF Home Recepie Website

This project is focust on creating a sustainible future where no food is wasted and people are eating less fastfood.

We are two students from sweden that are interested in coding. With this Website we want to encurage people to make food at home with what they got to prevent them from eating as much fastfood. Our vision is that it should be a social platform where users can interact with each other and learn new ways of cooking.

The main feature of this website is that the user will be able to search for their avalible ingredients and get a feed of posible disches to cook. Idealy you should also be able to lazily scroll through your feed to possibly find something you like.

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