The American Psychological Association cites that approximately 42% of university students are at risk of suffering from general or social anxiety. Meanwhile, 30% of those students report a negative impact on their academic performance.

Nova SBE has led the way in building a modern campus with outstanding facilities that promotes the free exchange of ideas and beaming rays of sunshine. On the way however, they have lost consideration for those who need space for introspection which is difficult to achieve with the campus's current open floorplan.

This project seeks to explore different options for the creation of a space where people may recluse themselves to study or simply unwind individually. One major factor to be experimented with is the lighting of said space. Nova's campus currently benefits from near constant sunlight and fluorescent light to fill the rest. Studies have shown that too much light can irritate and overwhelm the senses of those with predisposed anxiety or even migraine conditions. Thus, one of the main challenges to address in this controlled ambience will be how to manage light sensitivities for those seeking shelter in this future campus safe space.