NOVA Canteen App

Time is valuable -let's not waste it standing in queues! The Nova Canteen App will do the work for you. Just sign up, choose your meal, order online and we will inform your when to pick up your order!

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The Nova Canteen App is designed to support the hungry student. At NOVA we have several delicious lunch, dinner or break spots that offer fresh and nutritious food - but with many students come long queues. Our team has stopped the clock on some of them: up to 20 minutes could pass until the food can be ordered and don't mind the waiting time until the food is ready. This is where we come in:

With the NOVA Canteen App, students can easily pre-order their meals while spending their waiting time in more productive environments (library, class or group meeting). The on-site restaurants on the other hand can plan their meals better beforehand and place strategic marketing deals through the app.

For our final Deliverable, we proudly present:

Our Pitch

Our End-User App Demonstration

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