Our project aims to save time and increase productivity for students to avoid wasting time looking for a spot. It is an app that would inform the students about the availability of a table (e.g., study spot) in the library. 

Nova Study Pulse Pitch

Nova Study Pulse Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Wouldn’t it be better just to put sensors on the table?

A: In order to use sensors, we would need to use a single sensor for every table, a camera can cover many tables.

Q: Why don’t we simply use Bluetooth or a QR code system to detect empty spots?

A: Those type of approaches can be extremely inaccurate since they would need the community cooperation.

Q: What would you do if people just left something above the ‘target’ and went away (ex lunching)?

A: That already happens, if a person leaves their belongings on a table, it means that the spot is not free; no one would seat at a table with something there; therefore it shouldn’t be an  issue