We all remember our first day at Nova SBE campus... So many rooms, labs and routes to memorise! Letting alone the parking lot looking like a maze! We have all been there, late to classes, meetings, events, struggling to find and book study rooms! We have enough stress, anxiety and problems in our lives to overcomplicate it any further.. So why not solve this problem?

Nova Maps is here to save lives and valuable time of all lost students, staff and visitors on campus! Nova Maps is a digital indoor navigation solution, just in palm of your hand! It is portable, interactive and user-friendly, it is a map that people on our campus will have fun to use!

This solution has a lot of potential: GPS navigation, routes without stairs, virtual tours, timetables, meeting rooms booking, real-life information about queues in the canteen, library and gym, event marketing and even advertisement of businesses on campus. It will reduce everyday stress and anxiety of our stakeholders,improve overall experience on campus, brand image of Nova SBE, as well as increase safety on campus.

Besides, our campus was built for millennials, what better explains millennials than a navigation map on a palm of your hand? Let´s make Nova SBE´s campus as modern as the world we live in!

  1. Check out Nova Maps pitch via this link
  2. Don´t forget to watch Nova Maps app demo here
  3. Bonus: Experience Nova Maps design by yourself via this link , just click on the buttons like in the demo video

Thank you for your interest in Nova Maps!