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Should you ask for a raise?

Building an ethical model, able to predict if a tech professional, living in Portugal, should earn more than 30k per year.

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Welcome to my project! 😊

For this challenge, my goal was to build a simple tool able to give insights and predict if a tech professional, working full-time, should earn more than 30k per year.

From the Landing Jobs report, we already know that women have lower salaries. That information inspired me to build an ethical model by removing any innate feature - Gender, Nationality and Age. 

This model has 82.62% accuracy rate and I hope that it can empower confidence in women and other people to ask for a raise without any bias by their nature 💪

Please note: 

If you would like to know if this model predicts your profile to be a +30k earner in order to help you in your next step or only by curiosity, please send me an email or add me on my LinkedIn. I'm building a survey for anyone to fill, so I can get your data. I'll run your profile through the model and send the results to you.

My email: [email protected]

My Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wilsoncapitao/