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The goal of this project is to analyze data from Landing.Jobs' survey 2021 by taking advantage of Statistics tools, Machine Learning and Data Visualization. The analysis was performed using Jupyter Notebook with Python for mainly apply both Statistic and Machine Learning tools and Microsoft PowerBI for some Data Visualization. In order to access this project fully, please access my Github


  • Access the PowerBI visualization by clicking here;
  • Access the Jupyter Notebook by clicking here.


  • Female representativity: the Tech roles with less than 10% of female representativity are: CTO, Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, SysAdmin Engineer, Mobile Apps Developer and Full-Stack Developer. While, the Tech roles with more of female representativity (> 20%) are: Business Application, Data Scientist/Data Engineer, Project Manager, Quality Assurance/Testing, Scrum Master, UX/UI Designer.

  • Variables correlation: salary's average is positive correlationed (increase and decrease together) with Working Experience, English Level, Age and Salary Fairness.

  • Salary vs English Level: English level influences salary average. Here is an example: in average, people with no working experience but fluent in English has almost the same salary of someone with 3-6 years of experience but with an elementary English level. 

  • Working remotely: workers who have flexibility to work remotely are less likely to change jobs next months.

  • Unicorn companies tend to provide higher and fairness salaries.

  • Salary vs Number of programming languages known: in general, there is no correlation between the number of languages that a worker knows with their salary. We can extend this result, and conclude that specialists tend to earn more.

  • Go Programming Language: as a matter of fact, Go developers earn higher salaries and they also have background in multiple programming languages.
  • Developers who have background in Bash/Shell/PowerShell, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python and SQL are potencial candidate to adopt Go as well. In addicion, new learners who want to be a Go developers, might consider learn some of this other languages too. 

  • Do you want to be a Tech worker? Typical tech stacks of developers were founded.
  • Javascript is the most popular language and typically related to Front-End and Full-Stack developers, being learned with more kind of languages.

- Full-Stack Developer: 

  • Javascript, HTML/CSS, SQL
  • SQL, C#, Javascript
  • Javascript, Java
  • Javascript, C#, SQL
  • Javascript, PHP

- Back-End Developer:

  • Java, SQL
  • C#, SQL

- Front-End Developer:

  • Javascript, HTML/CSS
  • Typescript, HTML/CSS, Javascript

- Data Scientist/Data Engineer: 

  • Python, SQL

- DevOps Engineer and Maintenace & Support:

  • Bash/Shell/PowerShell, SQL