Bateaux Dans La Nuit

battleships game, using RiscZero

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  • Main track - $45.500
  • RiscZero - $3.500


Bateaux Dans La Nuit (BDLN) is a battleship game, powered by RiscZero.

Players play against the cold, calculating computer, in hopes to snipe the opposition's forces before they themselves are sent to a watery grave.

Players enter their ship locations on a 10x10 grid, and start with 5 ships of size 1tile. Once the game starts, players take turns against the computer attempting to destroy the opposing team's ships. Once one team has no ships left, they are deemed the loser, and the player can restart the game to play again.

Within the time constraints, we were able to use RiscZero's libraries to generate proofs on a per-turn basis.

Obstacles along the way include:

  • Personal issues from external factors limiting our cooperation time 
  • complexities of using RiscZero for non-Rusteaceans
  • Time constraints limiting the complexity of the Risc0 implementation

In the future, we plan to:

  • Implement a UI that allows users to set the game pieces, click on spots on the board for attacks, and view their remaining pieces. 
  • Implement multi-player
  • Deploy on Bonsai, so that proof generation can be abstracted away from the client