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With this project, users can provide a zero knowledge proof of Carbon offsetting.


  Let's say you computed your carbon footprint:

- Plane tickets to HackerHouses: 133.7 kg C02

- Tweeting about new projects:  420g CO2

- Being BRC-20 wizard: >9000kg CO2

- Breathing for one lambda week: 6.9 kg C02

Let's say you acquire and have a (private) balance Carbon Tokens.

This zkApp helps you convince anyone you offsetted your Carbon footprint without revealing all your assets.

What is done:

 - A Carbon Token zkApp that where people have a private balance of Carbon Credits.

 - Users can call the offsetCarbon method to burn their credit to offset an amount of their footprint with a memo for tracking.

 - offsetCarbon generates a "proof of burn" in a MerkleMap that can convince anyone Carbon Credits were burned for that particular reason