Z-Tower, It is a tower defense style game, which will be available to everyone so they can have fun, it consists of a very original theme of defending your home with powerful machines that exterminate zombies, but now in a scenario with augmented reality. As if that were not enough, while you entertain yourself and acquire the powerful zombie exterminating machines through the Marketplace integrated in our game, you will be helping to create a fund to generate scholarships and grant them to students who meet the requirements established in our call for applications. Education is often conditioned by social and cultural factors, but mainly economic, that is why we created this new dynamic "play to help" to positively impact and reduce the rates of access to education, because education will always be the best investment.

When someone buys a powerful zombie annihilator machine, each with its own attack and defense characteristics, as well as a branch of abilities (represented in an NFT) to play within Z-Tower, 50% of the value of the NFT goes to staking for the development of the project and 50% to a pool which, when its liquidity is full, is distributed through superfluid to the winners previously selected through the UMA oracle.

How it's Made


Chainsafe's Web3.unity tool, runs on any EVM-compliant blockchain, which allows for simplified wallet reads/writes and login on browser, mobile and desktop platforms, this helped create our NFT-backed game.

We use the UMA’s oracle to inject external data on students' performance to enable them to access scholarships.

We chose Superfluid to allocate the flow of scholarships, we want to give scholarship recipients the ability to keep their funds liquid should they wish to withdraw their initial funds.  Our goal is to create a fund that truly supports students to have better opportunities. 

Once the funds raised from NFTs in the game are ready, we use Superfluid to transfer scholarship money on an ongoing basis.

With Polygon’s technology we make the social part of the metaverse, executing smart contracts that will allow decentralizing resources for students.

We will use lens protocol to create community around Z-Tower.

The content creator will upload games and promote the game to other players through the user experience.

The metadata storage is supported by IPFS.

Using Push, scholarship recipients will be notified that they have been awarded and will be displayed in their wallet.