Our project is a solution for improving mental health through connectivity. It is a platform that connects individuals with mental health problems or struggles to other people and mental health professionals, from the comfort of their own home. With features such as chatting, voice and video chat rooms, resources, groups, crisis hotline, private diary/journaling section and a mental health professionals section. Additionally, the app is designed with privacy in mind, featuring anonymous accounts, end-to-end encryption, and personalizable profiles. The 'Zen Zone' section also provides daily challenges and exercises combined with a reward system to encourage user engagement and contribution of everyone in the platform, with badges, levels and points.

The app is built using technologies such as React Native for the front-end, Django for the back-end with a REST API, and SQL for managing the database. The app is inspired by platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and Discord, with the aim of providing a unique solution for the mental well-being of everyone. Although the aim for this project is mental health, it can be extended to solve any type of problem of anyone in the platform, with the target audience not only being the people that need help, but also the ones that want to help others.