Drink & Go aims to create a new dimension within the vending machine market, bringing the consumer faster access to a range of cocktails at any time of the day. What differentiates our machines from other drink machines is the consumer’s chance to mix the ingredients in the desired quantities. How is this possible? Through the tactile interface of our machine, the consumer will have the opportunity to choose from a wide list of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that seem like a good combination, also getting access to the price information of each ingredient. Afterward, using a lift platform, the products will be collected and delivered inside a Drink & Go cup. For example, if a Vodka/Red Bull option is chosen, the machine would collect and deliver inside the Drink & Go glass a miniature bottle of vodka (of the brand chosen by the consumer) and a can of Red Bull. If the order was intended to be consumed on the moment, the option to get a free portion of ice would be made available. Through the giant screen on the front of the machine, we aim to create a more constant and fixed source of revenue, giving businesses the ability to have advertisements displayed on our machine while it´s on "stand by" and not being used. 

To reduce waste, we want to incorporate, on the side of the machine, a compartment to collect packages and recycle them later. A small amount of money would be charged at the time of purchase and returned when the packages are returned to the appropriate slot.